Patient Stories


I underwent CoreTherm thermotherapy treatment in 2014. I had experienced problems for many years and and no longer wanted to continue taking medications. I wanted a more long-term solution and therefore chose treatment with CoreTherm. I was already acquainted with the method as it has been around a long time and I have encountered it in my work as an urologist.

My primary reason for choosing CoreThrem thermotherapy treatment was that it is gentle with fewer side effects than the traditional surgery known as TURP. Scientific studies have also shown that treatment results are equal.

I found the treatment to be very simple and painless. Preparations took around twenty minutes and the actual treatment took about fifteen minutes. I was then able to go home immediately afterwards.

I had to have a catheter for three weeks after the treatment until the swelling around the urethra had gone down and I could urinate normally again. Over the next two to three months the urination gradually improved. Having the catheter was no problem at all since it was such a short time.

“I can really recommend this method to anyone suffering from benign enlargement of the prostate.”

I believe it’s wrong not to recommend the CoreTherm Treatment if the patient is frail, having a catheter and when a normal operation is not possible.

As an urologist I have always informed my patients, in need of an operation, of the two alternatives TURP or TUMT (CoreTherm). With my own personal experience, I can now recommend CoreTherm to most people that suffers from benign prostatic hyperplasia.”

Gunnar Hagberg, Urologist

I was paying for prescription drugs for BPH for almost two years. In the beginning, it seemed the drug therapy was working but then my symptoms came back. My doctor and I agreed it was time to treat the problem, not just the symptoms. A short treatment in the office, followed by some time with a catheter… and I was good as new again. I have my life back! Don´t wait, ask your urologist if CoreTherm® is right for you.

Cal Parker, Fort Myers, FL

I’ve had problems with prostatit since the 80s. I’ve had to plan my toilet visits during the day and have had problems at night. I lived abroad for about ten years and I knew about the CoreTherm treatment but I decided to wait until I moved back home again. When returning to Sweden I booked an appointment with my doctor for consultation and I was familiar with the urologist and I trusted him.

At my first visit I was examined with ultrasound and the prostate was measured. I was then informed about the possibility of microwave treatment as well as other treatment options.

“The choice between a surgical procedure with risk of infection and long recovery time – the choice of microwave treatment was easy.”

On the day of treatment it took only one hour from the time I arrived at the hospital until I was ready to go home. The treatment itself went smoothly but the last minutes were a bit difficult, prbably because by then I was impatient to have it over with.

After the treatment I had a catheter (CoreFlow-Softstent) inserted and could regulate toilet visits more normally. Thas was a relief for me. I rested for a couple of days and there was a bit of discomfort for 4-5 days but after that I was able to return to work and function normally in my daily life.

I used the catheter for three weeks. When it was removed I was a little sore for one day but after about one month I was back on track. I can warmly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from this problem.

Max Rosendahl, Sweden