CoreTherm Training program

The CoreTherm Training Program provides comprehensive, didactic instruction to help physicians evaluate candidates for CoreTherm and to perform the treatment in a safe and effective manner. Our clinical investigators have developed a proven training process for effectiveness and efficiency. Training is brought to you and does not interfere with your normal clinic day.

Learning Objective 1: Patient Identification & Scheduling

The first objective in the training program is to identify active patients who are good candidates for CoreTherm. We will collaborate with you to survey your patient population and select and schedule an adequate cohort of patients for effective learning and evaluation. You will perform CoreTherm training over two days, with 4-6 patients per day.

Learning Objective 2: Hands-on Simulation

After you have selected your patients, we will work with you to prepare and practice for the procedure days. As part of your training, you will attend a hands-on, simulator-training course, which will take approximately 90 minutes. It is recommended that you schedule the simulator training as close to the procedure dates as possible for the best experience.

Learning Objective 3: Active Training
  • Schedule 2 CoreTherm training days, 4-6 patients each day.
  • Training is brought to you and does not interfere with your normail clinic day.
  • Revommended by Clinical Investigators and filed with FDA.