CoreTherm Care Process

CoreTherm treatment is conducted in an outpatient office visit lasting approximately 45 minutes. The actual treatment time is 6-15 minutes, and patients can normally leave for home immediately following treatment.



Maximum Patient Comfort
Before your treatment begins, your physician will place a treatment catheter in your urethra and administer local anesthesia to your prostate gland using a unique Schelin Catheter. Anesthesia administered with Schelin Catheter will reach the perfect location in the base area of the prostate irrespective of prostate size, ensuring a relatively pain-free treatment and a dramatically reduced treatment time. Alternative TUMT treatment procedures can last two to three times longer.

Individualized Treatment

During the treatment itself, the CoreTherm treatment catheter with an antenna delivers high-energy microwaves to reduce the inflamed prostate tissue. The goal of treatment is to eliminate 20% of the baseline prostate volume surrounding the urethra.

To ensure a fast treatment time and an optimal treatment delivery, a patented feedback system monitors the temperature within the prostate at all times during the treatment and measures the target volume. When the target is reached, the treatment is complete. In this way, the procedure is highly customized based on the needs of the individual patient.

Proven Results

At the conclusion of the treatment, there will be a cone-shaped cavity in the prostate surrounding the urethra, similar to the one created by a TURP surgical procedure.

Because of the dramatic reduction in the size of the prostate, there is a natural healing period after the treatment while the body recovers and swelling subsides. This recovery period generally lasts 8-12 weeks, similar to the recovery period required with a TURP surgical procedure. During the first two weeks of this recovery period, you will be given antibiotics and will require a temporary catheter to ensure proper urination and help prevent infection. Patients report this is a minor inconvenience and worth the long-term benefits.

Clinical evidence shows long-term efficacy with outcome and symptom relief for CoreTherm equal to TURP at five years and a 90% patient satisfaction rate.