How does CoreTherm work?

CoreTherm works by shrinking the size of the enlarged prostate to drastically reduce the symptoms of BPH. CoreTherm treatment is performed using a flexible catheter that is inserted the urethra. The catheter contains 1) an antenna that produces high-energy microwaves and 2) a patented intraprostatic probe, which measures the prostate temperature during the treatment.

Results – Before and after CoreTherm procedue.


You start the treatment with Core Bloc,® an intraprostatic injection direct into the prostate to minimize blood flow and deliver local anesthesia. You give a Core Bloc injection through the catheter in the opening in the tip of the catheter. With this injection, it is possible to give significantly less energy than other TUMT technologies and shorten the treatment time down to approximate 6-15 minutes.

CoreTherm calculates real-time cell-kill calculation during the procedure. This is possible due to a patented feedback system that measures the intraprostatic temperature and blow flow and moderates  the microwave energy. The goal is to achieve about 55 degrees Celsius in the prostate to destroy 20% of the tissue surrounding the urethra, hence shrinking the enlarged prostate and opening the urine passage through urethra.

After the procedure the patient needs to have temporary catheter for approximately two weeks to allow the prostate to begin its healing process.