Why is CoreTherm different?

CoreTherm is an enhancement of TUMT, where the temperature in the prostate is monitored throughout the entire procedure. Standard TUMT uses a predetermined treatment time and microwave power setting, without measuring the temperature in the prostate during the procedure.

When CoreTherm therapy is used, you know the actual temperature reached in the prostate and can adjust both energy and the treatment time based on the needs of the individual patient. The correct temperature must be achieved during the procedure in order to produce a good outcome and avoid unnecessary injury.

Controlling the blood flow

The blood flow in the prostate during treatment is a very important aspect affecting treatment result of any procedure based on energy delivery. It is subject to patient variations and treatments require individualized adaptation. CoreTherm involves the use of the proprietary injection system Schelin Catheter combining injection of anesthetics with epinephrine reducing the blood flow during treatment allowing for an optimal heat transfer to the prostate tissue.

Real-time cell-kill calculation

The combination of controlling the blood flow in the prostate with careful monitoring of temperature through-out the prostate allowing for full control of energy delivered to the tissue are unique features with CoreTherm. It is a patented feedback system that measures the Intraprostatic temperature and the blood flow and moderates the microwave energy that makes it possible to calculate real-time cell-kill calculation during the treatment.

This makes it possible to utilize high energy during treatment with the confidence not to compromise patient safety and patient convenience by the treatment and makes it possible to reach our treatment objectives within minutes.

Long-term clinical data

We would advise any patient or physician to pay attention to long term results and/or complication rates with any method under consideration. Many of the current methods being used/offered in various regions are being questioned by the medical community. Correct medical assessment of various methods can only rely on documented controlled clinical studies comparing treatment methods with each other. We would advise to seek second opinion from independent experts with in-sight into the details of respective method and more importantly to seek knowledge in the per-reviewed published medical science.

Included in international treatment guidelines

CoreTherm treatment is included in various international guidelines including American Urology Association, European Association of Urology, Canadian and Japanese Urological Association. One of the most recognized assessment institute in Europe, Swedish Council and Health Technology Assessment, concluded that CoreTherm differed significantly from all other low energy systems and was the only method that was recommended for use in the Swedish Health System.