What can Coretherm® offer?

CoreTherm® is a non-surgical treatment that is as effective as TURP but has fewer serious complications ¹. The treatment is performed in an outpatient setting and takes less than 15 minutes. The patient can normally go home immediately after the procedure is finished. No general anaesthesia or spinal block is needed. Patients get good pain relief with local anaesthesia alone.

CoreTherm® is an excellent minimally invasive procedure for a majority of BPE patients. CoreTherm® is particularly suitable for patients with large prostate glands, where the only options are open surgery or life-long catheterisation. Other patients particularly suitable for treatment are those who are too frail for surgery and/or who are taking medications that complicates surgical procedures, such as warfarin.

The following patient types are good candidates for this treatment:

 – Patients with a large prostate 
 – Patients taking anticoagulants.

CoreTherm is an evidence-based treatment and is, for instance, evaluated by the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services (SBU) and is included in the guidelines from the AUA. (TUMT).

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before treatment
after treatment

Products and order

Anesthetic catheter

Schelin Catheter

Microwave antenn

Microwave antenna Short

Microwave antenna Standard

Treatment catheter

CoreTherm Catheter Short

CoreTherm Catheter Standard

Microwave antenna Short

Intraprostatic Temperature Probe AC Standard

Temperature probes

Intraprostatic Temperature Probe AC Short

Intraprostatic Temperature Probe AC Standard

Rectal Temperature Probe

Penis Safety Probe

After treatment catheter

CoreFlow Soft Stent 50 mm

CoreFlow Soft Stent 40 mm

CoreFlow Soft Stent 30 mm

Paperroll x 10 st



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