What is CoreTherm®?

CoreTherm® is a method of treating benign prostatic enlargement (BPE). The results of the method have been scientifically proven in a number of studies and have been developed over more than 25 years. The treatment has the same good symptom relief as a surgical treatment (TURP), a so-called planing in everyday speech. In addition, the CoreTherm® method has the advantage that it entails a lower risk of serious complications compared to the surgical treatment.

CoreTherm® is performed under local anesthesia and you avoid anesthesia and an overnight stay in hospital.

Over 30 000

treated with CoreTherm®


clinics in Sweden

15 minutes

treatment time

Briefly about coretherm®:

  • Provides long-term relief of your urination problems
  • No general or spinal anaesthesia required
  • Fewer serious complications than surgery (TURP)
  • The treatment is performed in less than 15 minutes
  • Can treat prostate sizes up to 366ml
  • Up to 88% of catheter users (or CIC) can eliminate their need for a catheter (after CoreTherm® treatment)
  • The alternative for anyone who is not a candidate for surgery due to other diseases
  • Appealing alternative for anyone taking blood thinners (Waran® or equivalent)
  • Lower risk of dry ejaculation compared to surgery

How does the treatment work?

During the CoreTherm® treatment process, the prostate tissue is heated so that parts of it are killed off. The body then breaks down the dead tissue so that the urethra passage works normally again.

  • The treatment is carried out in an outpatient visit lasting just under an hour, with the procedure itself taking less than 15 minutes. You will be able to return home immediately after the treatment is complete.
  • Local anaesthesia is administered to the prostate through a special catheter and provides good pain relief.
  • No general anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia is needed.
  • After CoreTherm® treatment, temporary catheter relief is usually needed for 3–6 weeks during the swelling phase and healing process. The goal of treatment is to kill off and remove the prostate tissue that presses on the urethra, thereby eliminating BPE problems. 
  • You no longer need to constantly be on the lookout for a toilet during the day, and you will be able to sleep well all night.

Where can I be treated with CoreTherm®?

According to the Swedish Health and Medical Services Act, everyone has the right to choose CoreTherm® treatment, even if the home hospital cannot offer this treatment. You have the right to request treatment from another care provider if it cannot be offered nearby. Your home county council pays for the treatment via a national election referral.

In case of urination problems, you should consult your family doctor for an initial assessment. In the event of more pronounced complaints, a referral is issued to a urologist. In some places in the country you can turn directly to a urologist. It is important to get the right diagnosis. Once you have been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia, the urologist will explain the various treatment options available. CoreTherm® can be an option that suits you best.

CoreTherm® treatments are currently performed in hospitals and clinics in Sweden and the Nordic countries .

NU-Sjukvården, Uddevalla

Alingsås lasarett, Alingsås

Skaraborgs Sjukhus, Skövde

Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad, Karlstad

C-Medical, Oslo

Capio Läkargruppen, Örebro

Regionshospitalet Viborg, Midthylland

Mälarsjukhuset, Eskilstuna

Gentofte Hospital, Hellerup, Gentofte


GHP Gastro Center Skåne, Lund

Skånes Universitetssjukhus, Malmö

Länssjukhuset i Kalmar, Kalmar

Specialistläkargruppen i Kalmar, Kalmar

Friklinikken, Grindsted, Billund, Syddanmark

Næstved Sygehus, Næstved, Sjælland

Capio Urologi Solna, Solna

Urogyn Solna, Solna

Sergelkliniken, Stockholm

Svendborg Sygehus, Svendborg, Syddanmark

Sundsvalls Sjukhus, Sundsvall

Östersunds Sjukhus, Östersund

Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, Umeå

Mikkeli Central Hospital Finland, Mikkeli

Kalix sjukhus, Kalix

Carlshamns Specialistklinik AB, Karlshamn

– NU-Sjukvården, Uddevalla
– Alingsås lasarett, Alingsås
– Skaraborgs Sjukhus, Skövde
– Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad, Karlstad
– Capio Läkargruppen, Örebro
– Mälarsjukhuset, Eskilstuna
– GHP Gastro Center Skåne, Lund
– Carlshamns Specialistklinik AB, Karlshamn
– Specialistläkargruppen i Kalmar, Kalmar
– Capio Urologi Solna, Solna
– Sergelkliniken, Stockholm
– Urogyn Solna, Solna
– Sundsvalls Sjukhus , Sundsvall
– Östersunds sjukhus, Östersund
– Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, Umeå
– Kalix sjukhus, Kalix

– Regionshospitalet Viborg, Midtjylland
– Gentofte Hospital, Hellerup, Gentofte,
– Hovedstaden
– Friklinikken, Grindsted, Billund, Syddanmark
– Næstved Sygehus, Næstved, Sjælland
– Svendborg Sygehus, Svendborg, Syddanmark

– C-Medical, Oslo

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