Patient Stories


I underwent CoreTherm thermotherapy treatment in 2014. I had experienced problems for many years and and no longer wanted to continue taking medications. I wanted a more long-term solution and therefore chose treatment with CoreTherm. I was already acquainted with the method as it has been around a long time and I have encountered it in my work as an urologist.

My primary reason for choosing CoreThrem thermotherapy treatment was that it is gentle with fewer side effects than the traditional surgery known as TURP. Scientific studies have also shown that treatment results are equal.

I found the treatment to be very simple and painless. Preparations took around twenty minutes and the actual treatment took about fifteen minutes. I was then able to go home immediately afterwards.

I had to have a catheter for three weeks after the treatment until the swelling around the urethra had gone down and I could urinate normally again. Over the next two to three months the urination gradually improved. Having the catheter was no problem at all since it was such a short time.

“I can really recommend this method to anyone suffering from benign enlargement of the prostate.”

I believe it’s wrong not to recommend the CoreTherm Treatment if the patient is frail, having a catheter and when a normal operation is not possible.

As an urologist I have always informed my patients, in need of an operation, of the two alternatives TURP or TUMT (CoreTherm). With my own personal experience, I can now recommend CoreTherm to most people that suffers from benign prostatic hyperplasia.”

Gunnar Hagberg, Urologist