CoreTherm® Eagle


CE-marked under MDR

Soon to be launched

  • Improved safety – automated safety stop
  • User-friendly Touch Screen
  • Sustainable design – 25% reduction in weight
  • Integrated computer system
  • Automatic Cellkill calculation (1st endpoint)
  • Enhanced safety – automized 2nd endpoint calculation
    (energy point)
  • Continuous Temperature Feedback
  • Treatment data stored per patient
  • Downloading data on USB is possible

The Concept

  • Fast and efficient – max 15 min treatment time
  • Broad indication; prostate size of 20 – 360cc
  • Low re-treatment rates
  • Suitable also for old and fragile patients
  • Safe – Several benefits compared to TURP
    – Lower risk for serious complications
    – Same efficacy
    – Indicated lower PCa risk

”Despite that the CoreTherm Concept, in many
ways, is a one-sizefits-all solution, it does not fit all
men, but it fills the enormous gap between conservative
treatment and surgery. In addition to filling a
gap, it can also replace medical treatment for those
men who wish to be cured instead of being doomed
to lifelong medication or replace surgery for those
wanting a less invasive procedure.”
– Fredrik Stenmark


Schelin Catheter®


CoreTherm® Catheter
(and antenna and safetyprobe)


CoreFlow® Soft Stent

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